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Jetvac is an innovative designer and supplier of systems and equipment for sewage collection and treatment, industrial vacuum collection, and oil/water separation.

Our installations include Vacuum Collection systems for Supermarkets throughout North America, sewage collection and treatment structures across Europe and Russia, as well as radio-active therapeutic waste collection and treatment from Nuclear Medicine isolation wards.  We also provide vacuum collection and marine sewage treatment systems for ships. 

Our sewage collection and treatment equipment is in service on a wide range of vessels, from ferries through icebreakers to naval vessels.  In addition to vacuum systems, we provide equipment for bilge water treatment on ocean going and lake operating freighters.


Why Choose Us

We have extensive experience in sewage collection and treatment, and because we can provide innovative products and individual designs, we can respond quickly to your specific requirements, whether it is designing a vacuum collection system for a supermarket on site with severe constraints, or tailoring marine sewage treatment systems to fulfill the requirements of existing ships.

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Jetvac Inc

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