"For more than 30 years, Jetvac Inc. has been proud to provide superior service in the waste disposal and treatment sector, including supermarket drainage systems and marine sewage treatment systems."

Alan Russell, President & Founder

Alan grew up in England where he studied Mechanical Engineering and began Jetvac Inc. He is the Founder and driving force behind Jetvac's success. 

- Alan Russell, Founder

Major Supermarkets and Hypermarkets throughout the world have relied on Jetvac’s waste water vacuum system to assist with the removal of refrigerant condensate, water from produce misters and grey water from food preparation areas.


Jetvac’s sales and production team are available at any time to assist with your needs in relation to vacuum drainage systems.

The Company was established by a team of experienced personnel who have insisted on providing a service that is second to none in the waste disposal and treatment sector, including marine sewage treatment systems. Our products are innovative, our approach to clients is personalised and our scope ever expanding, so much so that since our expansion into the retail market, we have continuously developed our Designs and Engineering to provide the most cost effective and individual units to meet specific client requirements.

Having first reached success through custom Sewage Plants and oil water separator system designs that can be found worldwide, Jetvac has proudly branched into different industries, and now offers custom solutions to drain problems experienced by many of the major Supermarkets and Hypermarkets throughout the world. With vacuum drainage systems that have operated in some of our Supermarket installations for 11 to 12 years with absolutely no incident, we here at Jetvac have every right to be proud of our reputation throughout the world.

With a wide customer profile, Jetvac has supplied Central Vacuum Condensate Collection Units to Supermarkets from Canada down to the southernmost States of Texas and from the United Kingdom throughout Europe and across Asia to the Siberian region of Russia. For us, excellence is not just a popular idea - it’s our way of doing business.

With the leaps and bounds by which sewage collection and treatment systems and disposal industry has been moving, Jetvac offers many advantages that were essentially unthinkable in past times. Individual vacuum drainage systems are tailored to specific location criteria, and housing these units, thanks to their unimposing size, is not a problem. Low maintenance, relatively low noise emissions, reduced corrosion and significantly lower costs - all of these things are just some of the benefits that we are bringing to our business and, very much directly, to yours as well.  


We have the know-how you need.

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