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Whether you’re operating a small convenience store, a fast food outlet or a large supermarket, Jetvac’s full range of Vacuum Systems are ready to take on any job. 


With over 500 installations worldwide, Jetvac’s systems have the capability to handle refrigeration condensate, wash down water, produce misting, grey water from food preparation areas and pharmacy sinks.

All systems incorporate a 2 pump operation (regular duty and back up), which allows a 100% safety factor and total peace of mind to any client.

Vacuum vs Gravity… It’s An Easy Choice



  • Relocate refrigeration units without cutting the

          finished floor.


  • Save on construction and permit costs.


  • Store designs are not limited to drain locations.


  • Addition of new refrigeration units or entire departments can take place overnight without any disruption.


  • Never worry about rooftop penetration for venting.


  • Store designs do not have to be made months or years in advance.


  • Never worry about existing under floor pipes or electrical that may be found during remodels.


  • More hygienic over  conventional drains with standing water.