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For more than 35 years,

Jetvac Inc.

has been proud to provide superior service in the wastewater, and sewage disposal and treatment sector, including environmentally friendly marine sewage treatment systems and supermarket drainage systems.


Our sales and production team is available at any time to assist with your needs.

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Why Choose Us?

Our sewage collection and treatment equipment is in service on a wide range of vessels, from ferries through icebreakers to naval vessels. In addition to vacuum systems, we provide sewage treatment plants, and equipment for bilge water treatment on ocean going and lake operating freighters.


Our sewage collection and treatment installations include Vacuum Collection systems for Supermarkets throughout North America and Europe as well as radioactive therapeutic sewage collection and treatment from Nuclear Medicine isolation wards.

Service That Is Second To None In The Sewage And Wastewater Disposal And Treatment Sector.

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Vacuumarators™ are the heart of every JETS™ vacuum sanitary system.

The Vacuumarator™ pump is the most compact and reliable vacuum generator available for sanitary systems. It is highly efficient in transporting any combination of black and grey water under vacuum.


JETS™ Vacuum Toilets

Award winning, high quality vacuum toilets.

All toilets are flush rimless and therefore more hygienic and easier to clean than conventional toilets. There are versions for every environment, be it luxury cabin, public toilet or engine room.
See JETS™ wide range of vacuum toilets here.

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