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About Us

Jetvac was established in 1987 to provide sales and service of environmental products within the marine industry.

With over 140 years of combined experience and customer service, Jetvac’s focus is to provide the highest quality of both sales and support to owners and operators of ships, from small cruisers to the largest freighter. 

Jetvac represents quality manufacturers, who specialize in the production of sewage treatment plants and sanitary systems.

Jetvac’s experience extends into retail with the collection of condensate and grey water in supermarkets, using our Vacuum Generating Units.  With over 800 installations worldwide, our systems are designed to remove condensate from refrigeration cases and grey water from sinks using vacuum, instead of relying on conventional gravity drains. 

Jetvac’s sales and production team are available at any time to assist with your specific needs, bringing a standard of service excellence to every task we meet. 

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