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Condensate drainage and removal in supermarkets

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Case condensate


Make Supermarket construction and renovations more profitable with the flexible design of vacuum drainage

Jetvac vacuum collection and drainage systems offer a flexible way for supermarkets to be constructed and renovated. There is no need for underground piping which means cases can be installed and moved much easier than traditional systems. The cost of renovations is minimal without having to cut concrete flooring, and it can be done during store hours with little disruption to store operations, or overnight with the store being ready for business the next day. All systems incorporate a 2 pump operation (regular duty and back up), which allows a 100% safety factor and total peace of mind to any client.

Whether you’re operating a small convenience store, a fast food outlet or a large supermarket, Jetvac’s full range of Vacuum Systems are ready to take on any job. 

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Prep Sinks

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