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Splash of Water

Noflex Digestor

Noflex Digestor is an oxygen producing powder used to treat sludge and odor problems in marine and RV holding tanks. Use it on a regular basis for odor-free system maintenance. It also works great in home and cottage septic systems. 

On contact with waste, Noflex Digestor liquifies sludge and neutralizes odors. This solves smell and solids build-up problems, and makes for easy and complete pump outs. 

Introducing Noflex Digestor


Raw Sewage before adding Noflex Digestor


1 hour after adding Noflex Digestor


How it works:

1: When Noflex granules are added to your tank they sink to the bottom where they react with the sludge, releasing bubbles of oxygen.
2: This disperses the sludge and releases proteins that are a source of food for the live ‘good’ bacteria in your tank. 
3: These bacteria then eat the odour-causing sludge particles and you’re left with an smell-free septic tank!

Noflex Digestor is:

Fast - you’ll notice the difference within hours
Safe - it works by getting the good bacteria to eat the bad bacteria
Proven – it’s been used in commercial applications for years and   is now available for septic, RV and marine use in Canada
Cost Effective – A pot of Noflex goes a long way. On average it lasts 3-4 months - that's around $3 per week

2 hours after adding Noflex Digestor

How to use Noflex Digestor septic tank cleaner to treat your septic system

1. For a partial blockage in the piping, large amounts of sludge buildup in primary tank or unpleasant odours in the sewage leach area, use 30 grams/2 tablespoons a day till system is clear or you start to see a noticeable difference on your secondary tank or leach field . 
2. Add the product directly in a toilet flushed 3 times to get the powder down the line.
3. The best time to add the product into system is morning after breakfast, or just before bed.
4. If the flow in the system is minimal, use the shortest run toilet into the system to start.

Normal use: 30 grams/2 tablespoons per toilet per 4 people in the home, once or twice per week for proper maintenance and upkeep of the piping and sewage treatment system.

If you have no flow through the system Noflex will open it up and make it work again. It took years to plug up so it won’t be an overnight fix, but you will see results within 30 days and it will get better every week.

1. The product works better in small amounts spread out over time rather than large amounts.
2. The product is formulated for the highest performance possible; do not add to anything else to it.
3. The product can be used to neutralise odours and liquefy waste in outdoor toilets' open holding tanks. Sprinkle over waste and mist or spray a small amount of water over it to energize.
4. It can be used sprinkled over leaching fields that have flooded surface areas to remove unwanted odours. Mist with water to activate. Will not harm grass. 
5. The product will not hurt pipes, but if pipes are old cast iron, it may unplug grease and fats plugging existing holes.  
6. Some customers have discontinued use of the product after the problem has gone away only to have it come back. Remember a little all the time will stop it from coming back. 
7. The product will not neutralise disinfectants such as pine cleaners, tea tree oil soaps, orange-oil based cleaners. These are not good things to put into any type of sewage treatment system.

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